Solar Energy As the Best Renewable Energy

Solar Energy As the Best Renewable Energy

Are you familiar with the term “solar energy”? It can be defined as the radiant light and heat from the sun that man has gathered, stored and then converted into useful source of renewable energy. It has been harnessed by humans since the olden times thru a wide variety of constantly evolving technologies that has been developed for thousands of years.

Although solar energy is intermittent, that is, it is not available 24 hours a day it is still virtually an unlimited source of energy. This past century the usage of this kind of renewable energy has been patronized mostly by nature lovers and environment friendly individuals. It belong to the group of renewable energy sources since scientifically its source cannot be exhausted unlike other sources of energy like coal and oil that once consumed it can never be used again.

As of the latest, only a fraction of the people here on earth makes good use of renewable solar energy. Development of this energy has been dynamic this past decade and since the late 1990s thousands of people are already using this kind of energy.

But thousands of people are but a minuscule amount compared to billions of people around the world that do not or can not make use of this renewable energy source. The United States Government is one of the governments that make it a point to push thru with this kind of alternative energy source since it upholds the policy of finding alternative and renewable sources of energy.

Renewable solar energy is converted into electrical charges by meats of heat engines popularly known as “photovoltaics.” It is gathered by using “solar panels” made up of solar cells that absorb the sunlight. It is then stored into solar energy containers called “solar batteries” for it to be used at a further time.

Today, this renewable energy source has been classified into two kinds. First is the active energy gathering and the second one is the passive energy gathering. The former refers to energy gathering techniques that primarily involve machinery and equipment in gathering vast quantities of sunlight.

The latter refers to using solar panels during daytime without any help of any machine. Passive solar energy gathering involves a limited amount of solar energy gathered, unlike the active one.

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