G.U.S Compact Charging Station, Detachable Universal Multi-Port USB Charging Station Desktop and Bedside Charging Stand Organizer. Black Leatherette PLUS Cable Ties & Set of 4 Cables

G.U.S Compact Charging Station, Detachable Universal Multi-Port USB Charging Station Desktop and Bedside Charging Stand Organizer. Black Leatherette PLUS Cable Ties & Set of 4 Cables
  • DECORATIVE INNOVATIVE DESIGN — Say goodbye to the clutter! Our NEW Compact Charging Station is the best way to charge all your devices in a sleek, stylish charging stand that boasts 3 NEW advantages that other stations don’t have 1) Our NEW rubber bumpers won’t scratch your devices like other cheap plastic charging stations do 2) Our shelves don’t wobble as they are made from high-quality bamboo, and 3) Our model is uniquely crafted so that 2 phones can fit upright in the first tier.
  • GREAT FOR COUNTERTOP AND BEDSIDE USE — Our Compact Charging Station is uniquely crafted with a built-in charging channel that tames longer cords from cluttering your bedside. The model can also hold TWO phones standing upright in the front compartment for optimal alarm clock use and text-messaging or caller-ID visibility. Other models only allow devices to charge horizontally, making your devices difficult to use while charging.
  • DURABLE AND SAFE — Our Compact Charging Station frees up countertop and bedside table space with its built in 4 Powered USB power hub with CE AND FCC certificates. Simply plug in your own chargers and cords into the power-block and VOILA, you’re countertop is now tangle-free! Our model also includes a built-in high-quality PVC Copper wire, Premium Circuitry with over-voltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection.
  • INCLUDED CABLE TIES W/ SHORT CORD OPTION — Don’t let long chargers clutter your desk or bedside table! Our model includes cable ties that wrap around any charger, and will prevent tangles before they even happen. We exclusively offer our customers the option to upgrade to a set of 4 G.U.S short-and-sweet charging cables sold directly from us for even MORE savvy and high-tech station! Our G.U.S short-and-sweet charging cables are compatible with iPhone 5/5S/6/6 Plus/6S/6S
  • DIMENSIONS — Our Compact Charging Station’s small footprint packs a powerful punch in maximizing table space, measuring only 5.75″ W x 5″ D x 3.75 H. Our Compact Charging Station comes in 4 amazing colors that match any home or office decor: Eco-Friendly Bamboo for a simple yet functional color scheme, faux leather black or white that looks great in any office decor, and a high gloss cherry that provides a sleek and stylish edge for any room at home!

Consolidate charging with this small and sleek solution. By holding 2 cell phones vertically, this Compact Charging Station allows messages to be read while phones are charging and can work double duty as the perfect bedside alarm stand. Take the hassle out of charging with a built-in USB, room for tablets, pads, and e-readers, all while taking up less space than the length of a pen! Available in 4 finishes: Bamboo, Cherry, Black Leatherette, and white Leatherette.

A set of 4 Short Device Cables is included with this selection. Please see above options.

Please note: this device is not designed or implied to be suitable for standing or supporting a laptop. Non-consumer grade electronics (i.e. no-name brand or proprietary business devices) may also have compatibility issues – please contact us if you are uncertain.
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