A Wind Turbine Framed Art Print Wall Picture, Flat Silver Frame, 19 x 24 inches

A Wind Turbine Framed Art Print Wall Picture, Flat Silver Frame, 19 x 24 inches
  • Title: A Wind Turbine
  • Finished Size: 19×24 inches, Image Size: 11×16 inches
  • Frame: Solid Chrome Wire Brushed Silver with Black Edges, Man-Made and Eco-Friendly with the Look of Wood
  • Mat: 2.5 in. Tablet White Mat, Clear Plexi-Glass to Keep Artwork Clean and Protected
  • Hanging Cleat Included for Easy Installation

A Wind Turbine Framed Art Wall Picture sold by Great Art Now, size 19×24 inches. This framed artwork is popular in our Scenic Art, Photography, Windmill Art, Color Photography, Landscape Photography, and Scenic Photography categories. Great Art Now was started in 2002 by a group of friends with an interest in both art and technology. That interest and a lot of hard work has led us to become one of the largest online retailers in the country. We use our buying power to create great art that can be sold at great prices and is accessible to everyone. All of our artwork is stored in our New Jersey warehouse and our finished pieces are handcrafted for you by our expert craftsman. 1. Package arrives with A Wind Turbine pre-framed 2. Satisfaction Guarantee 3. Complete hanging accessory kit 4. Clear plexiglass to protect print from dust and fingerprints.
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